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Being a serial entrepreneur at heart, Oakhurst Ventures creates & builds e-commerce companies from scratch & enters in to joint ventures with companies seeking connection to the e-commerce market.

We provide deep operational support, manage all online marketing channels and take care of the entire business development online - building market-leading e-commerce experiences.

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Taking tailoring into e-commerce
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Drawing our expertise from being entrepreneurs, we apply economic & critical thinking skills and a sense of urgency necessary to generate the greatest value creation possible.

Business Development Online

Our operational team of experts accelerates the growth of each e-commerce venture & joint venture, taking full responsibility in building & growing your online business.

Tech Management

Using innovation & technology we manage technological fundamentals to create competitive advantages building market leading e-commerce experiences driven through our Tech-DNA.

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A Unique Approach to each Venture & Joint Venture

Being serial entrepreneurs & venture builders at heart, we not only look at ventures & joint ventures through a win-win mind-set, but also understand the need for a tailor-made approach to each venture.

Because each venture is different, our main goal is to achieve superior results by making the best decisions in terms of resource allocation, advancing ideas, values, policies, and practices for each venture, optimizing and innovating all parts, taking the different dimensions of each organization into recognition - placing the product & brand at the core.

We understand the power of lean process management principles and focus on where and how each venture & joint venture can best apply its capabilities to be part of a strong value creation process in the e-commerce world.

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Discover Orazio Luciano's Journey

Orazio and Pino Luciano at work

Taking Craftmanship & Tailoring into e-commerce

We don't invest in products, we invest in the people around the products.

The passion for a great product is what gets us out of bed in the morning. At Oakhurst Ventures we believe that passion is the mandatory key for success in every area of life & business.

We challenge ourselves every day in transporting your particular passion for your product online and to a worldwide consumer base - building market leading e-commerce experiences that make a difference.

Because of the passion for impeccable craftsmanship and traditional tailoring, Orazio Luciano - a tailoring company based in Naples, Italy, was a perfect match for a joint venture.

Orazio Luciano the founder of the company is a passionate tailor, who looks back upon many years of experience in tailoring houses including Kiton and Isaia.

After setting up his company in 1992 and his son Pino Luciano joining the „Sartoria“ later on, the company took off and now delivers hand made suits & accessoires around the world to happy connoisseurs of tailored clothing.

Facing the ongoing growth of online sales - especially in niches - it was time for Orazio Luciano to take the step into e-commerce.

From the definition of the strategic plan for entering the e-commerce market, up to the development and enrollment of the first e-commerce activities - we as a joint venture partner take care of the entire process.

On daily basis we make sure that the transition from offline, to online, to a sustainable business is a smooth and sustainable processes.
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E-commerce Entry Preparations

  • Status Quo Exploration
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Online Collection Consulting
  • Process Management Engineering
  • Key Staff Members Training

Going Digital

  • Creativity & Design
  • Development
  • Hosting & Technical
  • Technology & System Integration
  • Projekt Management

Business Development

  • Site Content Consulting
  • Digital Marketing & Communication
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO
  • Performance, reporting & KPI
  • Site Maintenance
  • Shop Maintenance
  • Customer Care
  • Technical & Infrastructure Services

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The hand-picked products require an honest & competent consultation – A component which is especially important to Michael himself. As online partner we help Michael Jondral reaching his fullest potential day by day, supporting him in growing his online business and transporting his impeccable taste and love for the sartorial products online to worldwide consumer base!

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